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Donna's Trunkful of Goodies

Hi Everyone, My name is Donna Rimkus and I have been a refunder back in the good old days when you didn't need a college education or a lawyer just to read the form. A refund meant buying the product, removing the upc, addressing a form and sending it in. Weeks later you would get your reward for using the product. Ahhh the good old days! But wait! Back in the good old days we didn't have this fancy machine to help us along so I guess things aren't all that bad! (smile). My hobbies include reading (first love), crafts, swimming, and of course saving money which I do by refunding and clipping coupons. You will find me on any given day trying to play catch up on my filing. My friends all know that this is no small task! I love ELEPHANTS, sunflowers, watermelons, I chitchat daily with all my mirc friends in #Refunders^Haven. Hi Mary,Charlie,Sandy,Jenny,Mendy,Lee,Cindy,Doug,Scott,Fred,Elaine,Beth,Mabel,Bre, and I cannot forget Walt, who seems to have become my personal puter tooter. (smile) Along with Sandy who without her help this page wouldn't be possible! And then there is Mary who encouraged me to try doing this. I would love to meet all you who share in this great hobby and I can tell you that although I do not have a real elephants trunk I do have a lot to offer you in regards to refunding :-) I invite you all to look us up in #Refunders^Haven.

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